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July 2009

These pictures appear for July 2009 on the main page.

July is HOT!... and filled with projects...

Part of a complete double rainbow
After a huge hail storm,
11 June, 2009
Clunk. Grate. Smack. Level.
Ben, Taylor & Eli laying bricks
in the newly-revised fire pit.
13 June, 2009
Tic, Tac, Toe...
Alissa's Game Project,
15 June, 2009
Pylons awaiting the seats...
The revised fire pit,
16 June, '09
Pop pop poppy
Hard to believe some folks
pay for these. 16 June, '09
The newest garden, out front
The Flamingo Garden,
18 June, 2009
Don't be a slug
Sign of climate change,
Wyoming. 23 June, 2009
Don't tick off your wife!
Purple Foxglove,
23 June, 2009
Captive peonies
Peonies gracing a bedroom,
23 June, 2009
Keepin' the bucket down (for now!)
Breaking ground,
24 June, 2009
Sculpting the spillway
Day Two, the shoveler
making his mark. 25 June, 2009
...and thank you for making me a human being.
Supper with the family,
Josh & Mike. (Jenna was at work)
28 June, 2009
Opening in the daytime, closing at night.
Water lilies in the
'Angst Pond,' 30 June, 2009
Me & the fabulous Dada Dolley. Firepit in the foreground
Moving GREAT big rocks,
30 June, 2009
The East side of the waterfalls
Spillway retaining wall,
1 July, 2009
Watch the birdie!
Photographer Mary Lobmeyer
portraying the family,
1 July, 2009
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Fireworks! 4th of July, 2009

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