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June 2009

These pictures appear for June 2009 on the main page.

Summer is here already... mostly!

A very anglo-american bedroom!
Taylor's bedroom;
a flag from Brianna, and
a quilt from his mom, Alissa
SMACK! You're saved!!
Kara & the Yaris;
a helluva car
'Nope. I DON'T have four-wheel-drive. Here's your shovel...'
In the Granite Range.
14 May, 2009
McIntosh Peak & Lankin Dome... untouchables...
Raked by clouds,
15 May, '09
Greg leading on the NW face of Dome 2001 Meters
Greg on the first pitch
of our 5.9 route, 15 May, '09
Dome 2001 Meters, NW Face
Dome 2001 Meters,
NW Face, 15 May, 2009
Taylor's insignia
The boy designed his own symbol.
18 May, 2009
A butt-kickin' for a Yosemite boy (like the first one we all got here!)
Robbie Giomo gets a
Vedauwoo arse-whuppin',
20 May, 2009
Water from the Ogallala Aquifer
It comes from
29 May, 2009
Two Lips, not open yet!
Tulips, 29 May, 2009
A clock not made by hands.
Morning Zen
29 May, 2009
The most fragrant of the thousands of lilac blossoms we have this year
Scores of lilac blossoms
on one unique variety
30 May, 2009
Jenna thoroughly enjoying a 'Be Here Now' moment
East High School,
Class of 2009 Commencement
30 May, 2009
The Diploma, the Handshake, then the Gauntlet of the Mentors
Jenna's Graduation
30 May, 2009
It's not my fault. They MADE me take off my sun glasses!
Alissa, Jenna & Squinty
30 May, 2009
The chicken killer-griller making up a mess o' victuals
Alissa doing the
graduation party thing,
30 May, 2009

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