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May 2009

These pictures appear for May 2009 on the main page.

We Have May Flowers!

Decapitated Daffodils. Where is the outrage?!
Mighty Daffodils rendered on the
kitchen table, 21 April, 2009
Bye-bye, Spidey!
Spring day snow storm
for Spidey, 17 April, 2009
'We need the moisture.' Cheyenne is 1.5 inches over its average moisture for the month so far, which is 1.5 inches... which means we have had 3 inches. Get it? Global warming is KEWL!!!
Springtime in the ...uh...
...Plains! 17 April, 2009
The Prom Dress, Class of 2009
Jenna's Senior Prom dress,
18 April, 2009
Ooooh, my frggin' head...
Emerging from the heavy spring snow,
daffodil with a headache. 19 April, 2009
Sisters!(Our nieces, Grace & Emily)
Grace & Emily
hearth-felt moment, 20 April, 2009
This is why the boys are often excused from doing the dishes...
Taylor's rat-tail etiquette,
April 21st, 2009
Dignity Uber Alles
Daffodil in its proper place,
22 April, 2009
Little Cole feels better now than he realizes...
Beth & Cole visiting from
Laramie, 22 April, 2009
Grape Hyacinthes, taking over
Grape Hyacinthes, 22 April 2009
Hey there, Johnny Jump-up!
Viola's poppin' up, 30 April, 2009
Alissa working on Taylor's quilt (the latest)
The great legacy: Quilts.
1st May, 2009

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