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April 2009

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April Snow Showers Bring Daffodil Flowers...

Mike in full conditions...
Mike Abrahams at Blair,
7 March, 2009
Ben On The Trail
Ben hiking in Blair,
7 March, 2009
Very nice boulders near Blair One crag
Climbs a little out-of-condition,
7 March, 2009
Jigs on the banjo at Bill's, Cheyenne
Jigs Babbitt, Torrington songwriter,
8 March, 2009
Mood lighting for a moody musician???
Bill Reddicks, songwriter/recording artist,
Cheyenne, 8 March, 2009
The misty moon on a school day
The moon in the morning,
20 March, 2009
The famous arbor, again a little out of season...
Spring snow, 27 March, 2009
Detail, solar-powered lights. I know, you're dying to say it ain't very green!!!'
Solar lights on the backyard steps,
27 March, 2009
The wellhead and wind-sculpted snow near the shed...
Typical Spring scenery at home,
27 March, 2009
Food grows here in summer. Hoot-hoot!
The food garden out of season,
27 March, 2009
Global warming is COOL!!!
Don't forget your mittens!
27 March, 2009
The Wyoming chinook is the artist here...
When this melts, we're all gonna drown.
Heh-heh! 27 March, 2009

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