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March 2009

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March oughta be warmer than You-Know-What

Happy Valentines Day, Bayyybee
Nightmare blind date,
14 February, 2009
Snow inna twees
Property line,
16 February, 2009
Greg's initial attempt on 'Hidden Edge,' the second route in a row that put us in our place!
Greg attempting a 5.10b at
Red Rocks, Nevada
21 February, 2009
One of the best routes of its grade at Red Rocks, Nevada
Squeak leading the first pitch
of "Man's Best Friend," (5.7)
21 February, 2009
Getting down from the top of the 200-foot route
Squeak on rappel,
21 February, 2009
This is a movie. He was a little fed up with my filming... especially after I accidentally dropped a battery on him from about 80 feet up!
Greg clipping in,
halfway down 'Man's Best Friend,'
21 February, 2009
Mr Hilarious brightens the rappel station!
Idiot Glee at the last rappel,
21 February, 2009
The 100-foot, second rappel to the start of 'Man's Best Friend.'
Greg rappelling, with narration.
21 February 2009
The Night Before the Morning After: headed out to dinner at 'Olives.'
Alissa ready for the Bellagio
22 February, 2009
Squeak hung over - er rather, HANGING OUT between rain showers...
Getting ready for the hike into
Ledger Crags, 22 February, 2009
Left-to-right: Mt Wilson, Cactus Flower Tower, Oak Creek Canyon, & the East Peak of Rainbow Mountain.
Lots of snow in the high peaks,
22 February, 2009
There were numerous seasonal waterfalls & torrents not visible in this picture!
The massive East face of Mt Wilson,
22 February, 2009
Unique heterosexual married Canadian couple on 'Neon Sunset'
Canucks climbing on Red Rocks'
Magic Bus crag, 24 February, 2009
Unique American heterosexual dudes, married, but not to each other... That's right: UNIQUE. Just ask MSNBC...
Yours Truly and Squeak,
sunny day cragging at the
Magic Bus, 24 February, 2009
Alissa & Jenn on a reproduction of the RMS Titanic's Grand Ballroom staircase
The wives on... I guess
...Is that the Titanic??
24 February, 2009
Herald of Spring... we hope!
Bluebirds on a stopover,
27 February, 2009

Our girls at the Phantom of the Opera, Denver
Jenna, Kara & Brianna
in Denver for Phantom of the Opera,
6 March, 2009

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