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February 2009

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28 days hath February

Tabitha is my niece. This is her baby boy, Ethan! Cell Phone image
Ethan Stump,
12 January, 2009
Have drill, will drill!
Finishing touches,
25 January, 2009
Dad & the new workbench
Dad & the new bench,
25 January, 2009
Dad, Tami & Mom at the 'Reunion House,' Galveston
On the beach, Galveston
26 January, 2009
Before Ike
The Reunion House,Galveston,
late December 2006
After Ike
The Reunion House, Galveston,
26 January, 2009
At the Anniversary House, Galveston, Tx, 2009
Mom & Dad,
26 January 2009
Tami bein' a little moody...
Tami Stump, My Big Sister,
26 January, 2009
Hi, Mom!
Mom on the beach in Galveston,
26 January, 2009
'It was down at the Balinese'
What's left of the Jetty/dock,
Galveston, 26 January, 2009
S.S. Sassy On the Road!
Typical post-Ike scene in
Galveston, 26 January, 2009
They call him Flipper, Flipper, faster than lightning...
Porpoises, Bolivar Ferry,
26 January, 2009
USS Stewart listing & USS Cavalla At Seawolf Park, Texas
Seawolf Park,
Galveston, 26 January, 2009
Liberian-registered crude oil tanker & municipal ferry, Bolivar Peninsula, Texas.
SS Moscow Stars & municipal ferry,
26 January, 2009
Point Bolivar Lighthouse, erected 1872. Still standing, it has withstood the Storm of 1900 & Ike, to mention but a few.
Point Bolivar lighthouse,
Bolivar Peninsula, 26 January, 2009
View of Project Garage, phase II
Dad's new workbench & shelves,
27 January, 2009

Click here to see a Bolivar Lighthouse webpage

Note to the family: Mom's car in the garage!!!
Mom's car in the garage,
27 January, 2009

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