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January 2009

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New Year, New World.

'Phantom of the Opera' tickets for yer birthday! 63 Kb, cellphone image
Karen's birthday party,
17 December, 2008
Cahoots! On the way to the birthday surprise party, 148 Kb
Purveyors of Project POTO,
17 December, 2008
Goodies on the table... This is only one of many. 103 Kb
Christmas Eve, 2008
Atleast it's pre-digested! 102 Kb
See-food for Christmas! Yummy!
24 December, 2008
Only one kid missing this morning!  211 Kb
Christmas Day, about 8 A.M.
25 December, 2008
240 Kb
Trying out some new face masks,
25 December, 2008
The leaves are made from sticks of gum. 131 Kb
Eli's Yule Log,
25 December, 2008
The short-but-steep left side is rated WI 4. 109 Kb
Erich Bochmann leading a little ice
at Silver Plume, 30 December, 2008
'The light faded and then came the cold.' Besides it was getting crowded! 160 Kb
Squeak getting off the ice
30 December, 2008
A night at the pub, Breckenridge, Colorado. 22 Kb, cellphone image
Ayin' up in Breckenridge,
4 January, 2009
The wind was blowing lightly here, about 30 MPH... 117 Kb, cellphone image
The dry, jet stream conditions
at home, 8 January, 2009

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