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October 2008

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Greetings from Philadelphia

138 Kb; Hey. Is that William Penn up there??
Philadelphia City Hall
25 October, 2008
110 Kb; The Pennsylvania State House is now known as Independence Hall
Liberty Bell & the Pennsylvania State House
25 October, 2008
111 Kb; Shhhh. Can you hear the voices??
Josh & Brianna touring Independence Hall,
25 October, 2008
104 Kb; I can be comfortable on most mountains, but THIS gives me the Heebee Jeebees
28th-floor view of Philly, with the
Delaware River beyond. 28 October, 2008
154 Kb
A long-haired keyboardist
playing the world's largest pipe organ.
Macy's, 29 October, 2008
158 Kb
Philadelphia City Hall, the night the
Phillies won the world Series.
29 October, 2008
116 Kb
Elated young Philadelphians,
before the victory riots.
29 October, 2008
91 Kb
One of the best pubs anywhere!
29 October, 2008
114 Kb
Water from the Delaware River,
dripping from my hand.
Penn's Landing, 30 October, 2008
105 Kb; All sunshine and hope on the Irish Potato Famine monument, near the Ben Franklin Bridge. What we all woulda given for some french fries right about then!!
All Micks ashore for
income redistribution!!!
Free healthcare for 95% o'ye!!
Taim Laidir!
30 October, 2008
73 Kb
40 Taps, 40 Flavors!
They even have Jägermeister on tap,
for goodness sakes!
30 October, 2008
116 Kb
I think every bar owner
( Hi, J.J.!!) should have a sign like this.
30 October, 2008

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