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September 2008

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A Short Summer Drawing to a Close

189 Kb
Eli getting ready to climb,
Glen Dome, Vedauwoo.
10 August, 2008
126 Kb
The weather that cut our day short.
10 August, 2008
149 Kb, photo by Eli
Dad coaching Taylor,
Glen Dome, Vedauwoo.
12 August, 2008
119 Kb, photo by Eli
Taylor fighting gravity
on Glen Dome, Vedauwoo.
12 August, 2008
147 Kb, photo by Eli
Taylor nearing the anchor,
Glen Dome, Vedauwoo.
12 August, 2008
133 Kb
Alissa & Jenna
invading man-space.
13 August, 2008
110 Kb
A dewy spider lily,
on a soggy day.
16 August, 2008
116 Kb
Slow-motion brothers,
smack-down chase.
22 August, 2008
101 Kb, photo by Taylor
Eli moving up "Etude for the
Right Hand," the Nautilus, Vedauwoo.
26 August, 2008
187 Kb. Here's Kelman giving me a none-too-brief rest!
Rob Kelman, first outing
at Vedauwoo since his injury in March.
27 August, 2008
156 Kb
Always a wonder to behold,
Spider Lilies in alpenglow.
27 August, 2008
124 Kb
Sunlight, sky & pines.
What a show.
27 August, 2008
100 Kb
The food garden
in full harvest mode.
30 August, 2008
Cell phone image. 76 Kb. Abner incognito.
Best thing to do with a poodle:
disguise him!!
8 September, 2008

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