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July 2008

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158 Kb
One of my buddies, Will Belk, leading at
Brown's Landing, Sherman Mountains, Wyoming.
13 June, 2008

164 Kb
Jenna heading to her new job as a nursing assistant
15 June, 2008

158 Kb. Don't ever give this guy anything with peanuts in it!!
My buddy Greg, about 70 feet out on the lead,
Blair III formation, near Vedauwoo.
16 June, 2008

108 Kb. Happy Birthday to Cindy!
The vegetable garden, finally looking like one
17 June, 2008

Thumb is 13 Kb, target is 121 Kb
Some of Alissa's beloved fishes
20 June, 2008

127 Kb
Eli & Taylor, with Gramma & Grampa Freeman,
rafting the wild Middle Fork of the Flathead River, Montana.
22 June, 2008

105 Kb
Alissa putting the finishing touches on one of her projects.
23 June, 2008

89 Kb
Detail of the above. Note very sharp scraper blade...
23 June, 2008

110 Kb
Most of the moving crew, and the loaded truck, Laramie, Wyoming.
Brianna's all set for the big cross-country move.
25 June, 2008

87 Kb
New digs in the big city of Pittsburgh: Brianna on the great adventure.
1 July, 2008

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